We are really enjoying the Caddy. It is giving Lyn a lot better ride and apart from being so much more economical it is a great vehicle to drive.

Thanks again and hope all is well with you.



I was just talking about you and your company ‘s incredible expertise in converting these vehicles, so that so many people like Cameron can access the community with ease.
I have talked with many people regarding your conversion and the complicated process of getting funding, something that is hard to bring to fruition, some thing that is possible through guidance and assurance from yourself.

Thank you so much for converting our new car. Thanks for selling the one that you allready had. I like sitting in the front. I used to hate driving, but now I love it. Mum is much more relaxed while driving. I love our new car. Renee is much happier in the back. It has made our lives a whole lot easier. Thanks for your understanding that we needed the car urgently and trying to speed up the process for us.